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[25 Nov 2008|11:43pm]
So Im finished working now. Its sad really. I have been so excited about going home for the past few weeks but today i got so sad about leaving, I love this city and the people here. I want to do so much more volunteer work. Mabey doing more practical things like helping build houses and working in orphanages. The children in the orphanages really need more attention and affection and that is somthing so simple to give, It costs nothing. The staff need training, because superficially the homes are fine, clean, tidy and generally reasonable leaving conditions the downfall is in the people working in them.
There is an organization working in some of the small villages surrounding brasov who build houses for the gypsys who live in shanty towns, but its just so dangerous. The gypsys make there own laws and so working and living near to them would just be too risky, not matter how much i would love too. Its difficult to find the balance between helping people and putting yourself in danger.

Yesterday and today Me, John, Alexandra and her sister Anca took two trips to orphanages, one in a town called taralungen where the children are about 7, there is about 20 of them, many of them have learning difficulties. They are really craving attention and so its nice even just to let them hold your hand and give them a little one on one attention.
Today we went to a day center a little further out of own. The daycenter is for children from severely poor backgrounds, they were younger than the children at taralungen & were really lovely. It makes me so sad whenever i go to the day center because i know that its like a little paradise for them there but when they have to be changed back into there own clothes and are picked up by there parents they are probably going home to spend the night in a freezing shanty town with barely a roof over there heads.
We did one romanian fairytale for them, alexandra read the story to them in romanian and we mimed the action, The story of the fox and the bear, its a nice little story and we made it extra silly for the kids to enjoy. We also did a mime to the lion sleeps to tonight song, the young children really liked that. After we performed we played with the kids for a while and let them try on all of our silly little bits of costume and play with our puppets. They really loved it all. At the daycenter we had a little more time and got the children to play a little game with us, miming animal sounds and naming different animals.

I think since we last spoke i have also visited a hospital near brasov, Where me and amy did some little paintings on the walls in the baby room. The staff at the hospital are really under trained and it just comes across like they couldnt give a damn if there is a baby crying or a child in pain. The care volunteers tell me about the conditions of the hospital and its horrifying each time. The childrens nappys are rarely changed, if the volunteers leave the hosiptal at 2pm they can come back the following morning to find the child in the same nappy, it must be awful for them. Kelly told me about a little girl who had been in the hospital for a while and she had a plaster around her wrist to hold the drip in and because the dressing wasnt changed during her stay when the plaster came off all of the skin on her hand came off with it. Ive heard and seen other things in my time in brasov which have made me feel so so so fortunate to have what i have and live in a well developed country.
We think our hospitals are bad but my god they are wonderful in comparison!

Im so excited to go home and be with all my family and friends and see Ben, but at the same time i dont feel like im finished in Romania, im going to miss Brasov so much and working for a good cause is possibly the best feeling ive ever had.

So this isnt the end its just the beggining, i know i need to go home get a job and then go to university for now, and i know that is going to be for quite a while but i really hope that i will find a way to get back to brasov and do more to help here. I want to travel to other countries and volunteer where help is needed.

My biggest fear just now is going home and forgetting how i felt here in brasov and how much i enjoyed every minute of my time here.

I want to see the world :) Don't let me forget it!!!


ps. I'll mabey post an entry tommorow after im all packed!
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[24 Nov 2008|09:38am]
Hey :)
Sorry its been so long since i last updated. My laptop wire died and so had to get mum to post me out a new one ( thanks mum, hugs&kisses) !

So since i last posted im sure lots and lots has happened but i will try to summarize the main things.
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[22 Oct 2008|05:04pm]
Friday 17th October - We went to the zoo.

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[13 Oct 2008|08:18pm]
Some of the projects abroad staff and the volunteers went for dinner in a traditional Romanian Restaurant =] yummyyummy

everyone at the table

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Love from an 18 year old morven xxxx

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[06 Oct 2008|01:57pm]
Saturday 4th october -
This weekend i went in the cable car to the top of Mount Tampa, to see the veiw over Brasov.

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Also i know i dont have many pictures of me actually working this is because half the time im too busy to think about it when im taking a class and the other half of the time we arent allowed to photograph them. You'll just have to trust me when i say im working hard!

Plans for this week, today: Monday, planning for lessons. Tuesday: high school no.1, Trust exercises to break physical barriers amoung groups, improvisations, hand out stimulus sheets to begin preparing for there plays at the end of this month.
Wednesday: Highschool no.2, same again.
Thursday: Group of kids only interested in drama games come to the office for 2 hour workshop.
Friday: Morning, Working in several classes at a primary school, mainly games to improve english and small improvisations. Afternoon, Highschool no.3 workshop with small group, putting up more posters to avertise the group .. boost the numbers a little.. hopefully!

Love to you all xxxxxx
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Sinia - Pelesh palace and little Pelesh [06 Oct 2008|12:55pm]

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Love morven xxx
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Bran Castle - Draculas house [06 Oct 2008|12:40pm]

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love morven xxx
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[30 Sep 2008|11:15am]
Various nights out & social night at the office =]

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[23 Sep 2008|11:20am]
Ice cream at fantasia is yummy.

Ps. This was when it was warm here. It is now chillychilly.

Morven xxx
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[18 Sep 2008|01:37pm]

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Love Morvenxxx
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[15 Sep 2008|04:56pm]
I need to update more often otherwise im likely to forget things that ive done!

So During the week thats just gone by i went on 2 placements one at an orphange and one at a day center for children from a near by gypsy village.
At the orphanage (thursday) the kids really enjoyed watching the performances and we gave them all sweeties at the end of hansel & gretle. The kids at the orphanage seemed pretty damaged by the way they lived.. i think a lot of them have behavioural problems because of it. The poverty that the children live in didnt really hit home until friday driving to the day center, we drove by the gypsy village and people were living in what i can only describe as houses built from rubbish.. we saw familys on horse and cart on the road and working in the fields.. going to the day center gives the young children an escape from the way things are in there villages.. when they arrive they are washed and changed into clothes provided by  the center and they are given food and toys and are looked after.. we were told that quite often the children in the villages dont have much to eat and dont go to school or really have many of the things we take for granted at home. We will be doing placements like that once or twice a week and then going to local high schools to try to get pupils involved in the drama group which projects abroad runs from the office and also to start groups within the schools. So ive just been planning for that most of the day today.

This weekend I went out for drinks on friday night, we went to "groove garden" where there was supposed to be a band playing but instead we found a magician.. who looked alot like david blane! I think he was trying to look like him though.. which isnt cool.  Who wants to be like david blane?!
On saturday joyce, immy and me went shopping but we missed the market and so ended up getting the bus back to brasov and looking around the shops here. There are some lovely dresses and shoes. People here like there fashion.. looking good is very important to them. Must be somthing to do with looking wealthy.
I Didnt buy anything though.. apart from some nail varnish remover.. exciting ;]
We went out for dinner on saturday night, Where the waitor really scammed us.. for example asking for 100g of chicken and being brought 150 and charged 3 times as much. I think i was the only one out of 4 people who wasnt cheated out of money one way or another. You cant really complain here though.. because nothing would be done about it within the staff.  You just have to tell the other volunteers when there is somewhere like that so they can avoid it.  Its a shame because the food was good and we would of gone back.
On sunday  me and amy went to Bran, to see "draculas castle" , although the infamous vlad only lived there for two months. It was actually the summer house of a queen. It was very very beautiful inside the castle you could tell that a woman had lived there! 
There were lots of souvenier stalls outside.. and people dressed as dracula... which was great fun!  There were actually some nice things amoung the souveniery rubbish. Bought a couple of presents to take home!
I took some nice pictures at Bran which i will upload soon.

Lots of love, morven xxxxxxxxx
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[06 Sep 2008|05:21pm]

This little kitten lives at the office.

Went to see the children in Ghimbav yesterday and played games with them and painted there faces .. Some of the children wern't really interested in getting involved, but i was told that this was usually the case there, which is in a way a good thing because it means they are reasonably happy and entertained. We are going to another orphanage on monday where things are a little more complicated & the children dont get much attention. Im nervous about it.

Today i had lunch in Brasov on republicii street, which is a pedestrian street where all the bars have seats out in the street which is lovely. Then me and some other volunteers wandered round the shops and stalls, some of the traditional romanian dress is lovely. Although not exactly wearable !

Anyway im heading back to my romanian home for dinner now and then i'll be going out in brasov tonight to enjoy a bit of jazz music at a festival and have a few drinks !!

Nearly went salsa dancing the other night with Amy (volunteer) & Alex (boss) but the club was closed ! That is something i have to do before i leave !!


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=] [04 Sep 2008|07:47pm]
Buna ziua !
So i have been in Brasov for 3 days now. I am having a great time, my host marcella is very nice and welcoming and she makes good romanian food & there are a few other volunteers here !
So on the 1st of september i flew out, after a couple of tearful goodbyes at the airport.  The flight was fine although delayed for a while :\
When i arrived the projects abroad driver leo met me at the airport and i realized i had just shared a flight with another volunteer- Amy we are both doing the drama project although she leaves half way through november and i leave at the end. So anyway the drive to brasov was lovely, great views and lots of mountains.. romanian driving is .. well let me just say different to driving in the uk, Although my dad does drive pretty fast .. imagine his driving but 10x faster and scarier. Arrived in brasov in the evening and had dinner and then read my book and had an early night.
I have my own room at marcella's flat which is nice and i ocassionally get some tv in english!
So i suppose i should say that one of the first things i realized when i got here is the big difference between people here, money wise. There are the poor and there are the rich .. no in between. Its a little shocking at first but the people are all very friendly and even though marcellas home is small it doesnt seem to matter because she just makes you feel so comfortable. 
On the 2nd of september i woke up to a powercut in the flat and so washed my hair in cold water ! It wasnt fun but at least it made my hair nice and shiny and certainly woke me up. Daniela ( one of the staff) met me outside of the flats and walked me to the projects abroad office which is about 10 minutes walk . At the office i met alexandra she is my boss and is very friendly. Alexandra(alex) took me and amy for our induction and showed us around brasov and then we were treated to lunch out at a lovely restaurant & told about what was going on within the drama project. 
The drama group that projects abroad run was very busy during the summer but as soon as doing an actual play was suggested by alex the kids decided they werent so keen on it anymore and so the numbers have dropped from around 20 to 5. 
So we are planning to do auditions at local schools in order to find kids who have a genuine interest in drama and theatre. As well as that we are going to be visiting childrens homes and orphanages and playing drama games with them and putting on plays for them and getting some of the older children involved in the plays . On friday im going to a home where there are 12 children staying in foster care.. i think . So i will let you know how that goes ! 
I managed to get lost on my way back from town on tuesday .. i think i was walking in circles. I managed to find my way after about 45 minutes but it was scary!
On the night of the second one of the volunteers, Amy, was leaving and so around 10 of us went for a meal and then for drinks in the center of Brasov, i can buy a meal and drinks for around 25 lei.. which is the equivelant of about 8 pounds. So as you can see it is pretty cheap to live here. Certainly when converting from the pound.
Yesterday and today we were in the office planning for our trip to Ghimbav (the foster home) on friday and also planning a couple of performances to use in the future. 

So anyway i better head off now because we are having a kind of social night here in the office with all of the volunteers we are all showcasing our hobbies, so i am going to show them all some of my photography and i have pictures of some things i have baked and some flowers i arranged in work ! 

So love to you all & missing you :)
Morven xxxxxx
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Hello =] [17 Aug 2008|11:25pm]
Created this journal so you guys: Family, Friends, Ben, Pets.. can keep up to date with what im doing in Brasov, Romania.

Hope you enjoy hearing my news. 

love morven xxx 
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